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December 23, 2012
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Jack and Jack by Cindy-Brilliant Jack and Jack by Cindy-Brilliant
Frost: Look at this! Just smile! I am not asking for more!
Skellington: Shut the fuck up. Leave me alone.
Frost: Why you are so grumpy?
Skellington: Fuck.

Well, that's how they are. My Skellington and Nastya's Jack Frost.

Jack Skellington (c) Tim Burton
Jack Frost (c) Dream Works
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Soaringstar99 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
Jack's so mad that he's not a Guardian and Frost is. xD
Cindy-Brilliant Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist
Em, actually my answer would be 'more than just no', cause here the story goes in a completely different way.

Jack Frost is known as the Guardian of Fun. In my version of Jack Skellington, which is pictured here, Skellington lost a part of his soul which contains the happiness. It means he know what this feeling is - but he cannot feel it anymore. At all. Jack is the a king of a holiday, and he cannot even smile. 
That's why Jack Frost was head over heels and all ready to deal with that. In this picture, Skellington rests on the rooftop just to watcher over his kingdom silently. And he spends his time in the company of loyal shadows, smoking, untill Frost drags his ass in.
And Frost goes like: Why you are so gloomy and constantly serious about the stuff, man? You also need a rest and some fun! 
Then Skellington is all like: Go away, Frost, this is only my shit to care about. 
And then Frost tries to light up Jack's face while creating a magical snowflake, like in the movie.

...Actually it doesn't help, though it still was worth of a try, yeah.
In my version Jack is not only the monarch of Halloween Town. Except his being the King of Halloween, he's the King of Nightmares, Emperor of the Underground which makes him the ruler of the dead. He's the demon and all into darker stuff. I would say he couldn't care less about his unbeing a Guardian. Basicly, the Guardians are afraid of him more than of Pitch. In my version, they know almost nothing about him, but their heads are filled with surreal legends and rumors. Jack Frost is the first Guardian who actually got so close. Though it doesn't exclude Skellington's being dangerous for him a well. And Skellington knows that, therefore he tries to keep this pesky boy away from himself. He's all into dark stuff, yet he doesn't let the blood to flow without a very good strong reason.

I hope I've made it clear.
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013   Artist
<font><font>npe I see these two pulling pranks and maybe frost trying to convince North to Let the Pumpkin king be a guardian as well</font></font>
Cindy-Brilliant Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist
Oh, well, you speak so because you think about canon Jack Skellington. My version of him, well, he doesn't need any allowance for the shit he does. Funny, but even if Frost will have such an idea, I guess this Skellington will say 'no'. Like, Guardians are those, who care about all children and people. Basicly, this Skellington doesn't care. He cares only about his holiday, his town, his family and friends. Like... Children aren't the point, as for him. 
But I like your idea. That would be a nice one for fanfiction. Thank you for your comment!
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013   Artist
<font><font class="">Um kay but I think Jack the Pumpkin king tell off Pitch saying I scare kids because they want to be scared you scare kids to enslave them basically you have the fear like jump scares yeah you'll be scared but you chose to be scared then you have the being scared where you can't brace yourself for it that can get you hurt trust me those scares aren't cool</font></font>
Cindy-Brilliant Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist
Well, that's your thought. You think about the canon Jack. Yes, the canon one would do like that, probably.
Though, well, everything is different with my version of him, because it's like an AU (i dunno what it is, but he is very different here). The Guardians, and even Pitch, and all other spirits are afraid of the Halloween King. Because they heard he kills people with fear. Any people and even other spirits and so on. That he takes their souls away, that he steals eyes of alive before his shadows murder everyone, and that he rules over all wicked creatures and evil spirits (and so so on, which is half-true, like there were issues, but they happened a long ago mainly because Skellington was learning how to control his forces; He can kill. That isn't so hard for him; he turns the souls into shadows, which serve to him, or into other kind of monsters or abominations). So Guardians are afraid of him, but at the same time - they know nothing about him. And they wish not to know it even. Like, they have to respect Halloween, however they stay very very attentive this time, because they protect children. Actually, my version of Skellington isn't only limited by Halloween Time. He can come anytime, anywhere or anyone to do the shit he needs or supposes will be right. This version of Jack is much more powerful than Pitch is. And I can tell quite a lot reasons WHY, even if it is going about 'book' Pitch. 
So, yes, for Tim Burton's canon Skellington, I agree, your ideas will be pretty good and appropriate. But for mine, well, he doesn't give a shit about Guardians. He just does what he thinks will work well for his Kingdom and his Feast. That's all. He doesn't need to join anywhere. 
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013   Artist
So basically in this Universe Pitch is Even Evil has standards character?
Cindy-Brilliant Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist
I didn't get your question.
bonnybanshey Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013   Artist
its a trope called even evil has standards like say bad guy of a fandom will enslave humanity but he draws the line at killing children which another big bad does get it even evil has standards
Cindy-Brilliant Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist
Well, no. In 'this' (better to say 'my') universe Pitch is still mostly focused on children. Jack, on the other hand, isn't focused on anyone, but he is dangerous for everyone.  To say frankly, evil doesn't have any standarts. You don't have to enslave the humanity to be evil. For example, for Jack - humans are slaves already, because he can easily take their souls away, but he doesn't need in it. For him it's like - the fact that I can doesn't mean I totally should. For Pitch, it's different - he does, because he can. 
At least, in my universe. It's a totally long story and to describe why - it will take too much time and words. 
Don't judge it, just take it as it is. Because this plot has a very massive backstory.
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